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December 16 2011



Chino Hills boot camp is one of our area’s most popular fitness trends. People walk out of the gym panting and drenched in sweat, but excited to come back again in a few days. Boot camps are addicting, to say the least. The rigorous activity gets your endorphins going to give you that “runner’s high” when you leave. If you’ve been wondering about what a Chino Hills boot camp has to offer, then read on to discover some of the top reasons to join in the New Year.  

Reason #1: Group Fun!

Some people join a Chino hills gym for socializing. Since boot camps generally run on set cycles (unlike other types of fitness classes), there is a sense of “we’re all in this together” as everyone begins their weight loss journey together. You can meet other likeminded people and workout buddies if you’ve been unsuccessful in convincing friends and family to join you at the gym. Many people find they work out much harder when they’re in a group setting. Team building exercises and obstacle course drills add fun to workouts.

Reason #2: Variety Is The Spice Of Life.

One of the main reasons people hit a weight loss plateau is that their body gets accustomed to the type of exercise and the type of intensity they put forth on a consistent basis. Chino Hills boot camp is designed to “shock the system” into continuously losing weight. This is done by combining interval training, strength training, cardio and extremely varied routines that work out multiple muscle groups. You’ll leave stronger, more flexible, more agile and slimmer, guaranteed.


Reason #3: Personalization.

You’re not just a nameless face in the crowd when you attend Chino Hills boot camp. Your instructor will know you by name and will take the time to develop an understanding of your personal health history and fitness goals. You’ll even get a customized monthly meal plan to follow for more effective weight management! During the classes, trainers walk around to ensure that everyone is using the proper form and they offer tips on modifying each move to be easier or more challenging, depending on how you’re feeling. Just when you feel like you want to quit, your trainer is there with words of encouragement to keep you positive and motivated.


People Who Would Not Like a Chino Hills Boot Camp Include…

Pregnant women, people with very serious medical conditions, and those with recent injuries. Visit Chino Hills boot camp to learn how you can lose 5 pounds this month.  

Is Chino Hills Weight Loss Mind Over Matter?

Before you begin any Chino Hills Weight Loss program, you should sort your mind out before trying to tackle your body. Nothing irritates local personal trainers more than clients who fork over their hard-earned money only to waste their time – and the trainers’ time as well. Personal trainers like to see Chino Hills weight loss success, which helps them stay positive and confident in their training methods. They like to have more positive testimonials to use for promotional purposes and feel as though they really accomplished something by helping someone lose weight. Conversely, people who aren’t really ready to workout can be a real kill-joy! If you are someone who is contemplating weight loss, then the last thing you want to do is pay for nothing, whether it be a personal trainer session or a new gym membership.


People who are morbidly obese should consider Chino Hills weight loss counseling before beginning a program. They need to visualize their own success – buying clothes off the rack, being able to sit in arm chairs again, walking without getting winded, and recognizing that person in the mirror again. They need to build the confidence and mental fortitude to know that they will not give up until they reach their goals. They need to learn how to deal with cravings and food obsessions that may arise – whether it be over a donut, a bag of potato chips, a steak, or whatever. If they are compelled to eat when they feel stressed or depressed, that issue needs to be addressed before effective weight loss can happen.


Education sessions are also helpful for people considering a Chino Hills weight loss program. Before they begin the “nuts and bolts” of the program, they’ll assemble all the tools they need to succeed and “read the instruction manual” for effective weight loss, so to speak. The best Chino hills fitness programs offer nutritional seminars and grocery store tours to teach people how to make healthier choices and buy more nutritious foods. Portion sizing and calorie counting methods of weight loss will be discussed, among other topics.


Keeping a food journal, exercise log and diary are effective practices for everyone who is pining for Chino Hills weight loss. It is also important to develop friends with similar interests and find a support network to stay motivated. Personal trainers and nutritionists can fill that void as well. For more information on a Chino Hills weight loss program that combines nutrition and goal-setting counseling along with physical fitness classes, 

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